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Building Homes With craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced over the course of a career. It is the quality that defines the difference between a house and a home. All of our homes are built with craftsmanship.

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Quality Homes Comes from a team of craftsman

Why is Craftsmanship Important to Us?

As craftsman, we're driven by the opportunity to build your dream home exactly as you dreamed it and something that will have enduring value. Like any other trade involving craftsmanship, we take a lot of pride in how we build.

In general, craftsmanship is defined as a skill in a particular craft. At Miller Custom Homes, we are working to build that in more detail. It’s about the ability to create something elegant and high-quality that delivers a lot of value.

Craftsmanship helps us build better homes and better employees. We believe that world-class homes require world-class craftsman. We are committed to ensuring that each employee has the opportunity to transform while at Miller Custom Homes and that they learn new skills that prepare them for more responsibilities and bigger roles. Craftsmanship is one of the most fundamental drivers providing an end product that continuously exceeds client expectations at Miller Custom Homes.

What is Craftsmanship?

“Craftsmanship is what we should strive for, for the sake of both our reputations and our clients’ success.”

Providing Quality Craftsmanship as a Team

Client happiness is a really important result of providing great craftsmanship. When we build something as a team with our tradesmen, the pieces built by those tradesmen become the building blocks for completion of the client's dream home.

This means that how well some trades build their pieces of the project impacts what other tradesmen can accomplish. We make sure our tradesmen follow common best practices and produce results with great craftsmanship and quality.

We believe that a greater sense of accomplishment translates to happier clients.

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Denise and I want to extend to you our gratitude for the professionalism you put forth in the process of constructing our new home in the Brainerd Area. Once we had a set of plans in hand, our next step was to identify a number of builders in the area who would take the time to give us bids using our plans. We, of course, did not have any knowledge on how we were going to select a number of builders who would take the time to put together a solid bid proposal. We decided to ask around. Your name was given to us by a local cabinet maker. Luck was with us when you agreed to write us a proposal bid. We also received bids from three other builders. You were the only one who presented us with a very detailed bid proposal. Of course it made our selection process easy, as the effort that you put into your bid gave us a strong indication that you were serious about desiring to construct our home. As work commenced on the home we could see that we were going to be dealing with an honest builder. Along the line you gave us feedback on how we could improve our plan and save some money. You also completed the job within the time frame that you gave us in spite of some rainy periods.

— Al Kraft & Denise Blackwell-Kraft

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